HBO Summer Series

This is a very quick motion graphics piece I did for a training course that covers the summer programming on HBO. Read more »

3dsMAX vs. Lightwave

When I graduated from East Tennessee State University in 2004, I was well versed in 3dsMAX. Since then, I’ve picked up Lightwave, and it’s been enlightening to see the differences in the two packages. Read more »

Anaglyphic 3D Photos

A brief how-to on how to create your own anaglyphic 3D images with only one camera. Read more »

SCORM and Flash

I’ve worked on several projects that are designed to be used in a learning management system that uses the SCORM standard. Read more »

Looping through objects on the stage with Actionscript.

A couple of recent projects where I’ve needed to loop through each movieclip on the stage, and do something with it based on it’s instance name. Read more »


An online training course for HBO’s series “Trueblood”, developed for Dish Network Call center agents. Read more »

Christ Fellowship Website

Drupal – based website built for Christ Fellowship church in Kingsport, Tennessee. This site was developed as part of a complete rebranding of CFC. Read more »

Eastman Credit Union

This is a Flash website targeted at new customers. It presents an overview of the benefits of banking with ECU in a fun, sketched interface. Read more »

The Pacific

Motion graphics piece put together for HBO’s new series about WW2. Read more »

Skelaxin Exercise DVD

Skelaxin, a muscle relaxant produced by King Pharmaceuticals (now a part of Pfizer). This DVD was developed to be distributed to patients along with their Skelaxin prescriptions. Read more »

Lesonal Automotive Paints

Lesonal, a division of AkzoNobel company that specializes in automotive enamel paints. This 3D animated motion graphics piece was used in a tradeshow exhibit.
Read more »

Siemens NEMA Motors Presentation

Interactive CD-Rom produced for Siemens. This was part of an information packet distributed during a tradeshow event. Read more »

Bona – 3D Environment

Bona Kemi USA makes quality cleaning and maintenance products for hardwood floors. This is a 3D environment I put together to serve as an intro sequence for some videos that were used in a tradeshow. Read more »

3D Equipment

This is a sample of some of the 3D assets generated for Dish Network’s training department. Read more »

Sketch Type Game

Flash game created for Dish Network training materials. The main goal of this project was to improve typing speeds by means of a fun, interactive game. Read more »

Chick Fil-A Sticks to it’s guns

They’re always closed on sundays, no matter what. I like that.

NFL Red Zone

This is a training piece I designed, which has a motion graphics intro. I used Lightwave to create the rotating orb of screens, and overlaid the video on them using After Effects. Read more »