SCORM and Flash

I’ve worked on several projects that are designed to be used in a learning management system that uses the SCORM standard. If you’re asking ‘what does SCORM stand for?’, it stands for Sharable Content Object Reference Model, and it’s basically just a standardized set of Javascript commands that let any shop develop an eLearning course for any SCORM-compliant learning management system (LMS). When building an online training course that uses a SCORM interface, you can tell the LMS things like the student’s score, how long they took, which questions they got right and wrong, etc.

For Flash projects, I’ve found this AS3 library to be particularly useful for interacting with an LMS. It basically wraps the Javascript commands inside ExternalInterface calls so you don’t have to write a whole bunch of Javascript to handle your SCORM calls. You can essentially talk to the LMS directly from Actionscript.

SCORM and Flash

This is also a great reference for the run-time data model…

Run-Time Reference

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