Skelaxin Exercise DVD

Skelaxin, a muscle relaxant produced by King Pharmaceuticals (now a part of Pfizer). This DVD was developed to be distributed to patients along with their Skelaxin prescriptions. It provides instruction for various stretching exercises that are designed to assist patients with muscle tension and pain.

This is one of my favorite projects РI love the blend of live-action and 3D, and the transition  to the see-through characters is great for showing the muscle groups that are stretched during each exercise. The 3D work is all done in 3dsMAX, and the green-screen character compositing was done in After Effects. One of the main challenges on this project was matching the camera angle of the live-action shots with the virtual set.

Lesonal, a division of AkzoNobel company that specializes in automotive enamel paints. This 3D animated motion graphics piece was used in a tradeshow exhibit. For the 3D models, I started with 3D models of actual vehicles, and modified them to avoid any copyright infringements with the car manufacturers. AkzoNobel also wanted the paint to be the main focus of the animation, and not the vehicles themselves. This project was modeled, rendered and animated using 3ds MAX, and the paint ‘blob’ effect was acieved in After Effects.

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